Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements: +24VDC Nominal (+18 to 32VDC)

Power Consumption:  ≤ 2,4 W

Output From Echo: 4-20mA, industry standard analog output, Digital RS-485 Modbus RTU, Dry contact Relays, HART

Warm Up Time: 30 seconds

Mechanical Specifications

Material: 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Conduit Connection: ¾” NPT

Dimensions: 5.75” x Ø 3.94” (146 mm x Ø 100 mm)

Mounting base size for pipes from m100 to 300 mm: 5.75” ( 138 mm)

Weight with mounting base: No more then 13.23lb (6 kg)

Operation Specifications

Method of Operation: Passive acoustic

Uncertainty Minimum: ± 3 % (with sand injection calibration)

Flow Velocity: ~  0.5 m/s

Particle Size: ≥ 10 μm – in gas; ≥ 20 μm – in oil

Data Storage: 90 days with a recording interval of 10 seconds

Operating Temperature: -60C to +85C ( -76F to 185F)

Pipeline Surface Temperature: -100C to +290C ( -148F to 554F)

Humidity Range: Up to 100%, non-condensing (Withstands up to 100% RH for short periods)

Storage/ Transportation Temperature: -50C to +50C ( -58F to 122F)

Ingress Protection: IP66 / IP 68

Lifetime/ Warranty: 10 years/ 2 years

Drilling and Production Platforms

Oil, gas and multiphase pipelines

Oil and gas wells

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